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Freezer Ambulance Service, ইমাজেন্সি রোগী ও লাশ পরিবহনে এসি, নন-এসি এ্যাম্বুলেন্স, লাশবাহী ফ্রিজার এ্যাম্বুলেন্স এবং  লাইফ সাপোর্ট এ্যাম্বুলেন্স সার্ভিস দেওয়া হয়.

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24/7 Hours Ambulance Service is available in All Districts of Bangladesh. 

Freezing ambulance service in Dhaka

Ambulance service

The freezer ambulance provided by us carries a frozen box. At first We provided this facility to keep the dead body fresh for several hours or a day. We keep the corpse at the lowest temperature of about 6 to 7 degrees For dead bodies. Many people avail of our trustworthy services for keeping the dead body of their loved ones free from germs or viruses. Our professional team keeps self-observation over every task. Afrer all This ambulance service is Important service for all dead body. The latest ambulance service is Frozen box ambulance service. We provide new Japanis Dayna freezing ambulance. This Frozen box ambulance is best for any kinds of dead body. If you used this ambulance so  dead body stay free from virus. Our ambulance decaration is better for dead bady. For long time dead body free from virus, You can use ambulance. 

Nearest Ambulance service Area

Ambulance service area is open from different place 24 Hours such as, Ambulance service, Hawlader ambulance service, United ambulance service, Dhanmondi ambulance service, Farmgate ambulance service, Shahabag ambulance service, Kalabagan ambulance service, Freezing ambulance service, Gobtoli ambulance service, Gazipur ambulance service,  Lalmatia ambulance service, Baridhara ambulance service, Gulshan ambulance service, Sutrapur ambulance service, Uttara ambulance service, Airport ambulance service, Mohakhali ambulance service, Badda ambulance service, Jatrabari ambulance service, Mohammadpur ambulance service, Mirpur ambulance service, Shamoli ambulance service, Hazaribag ambulance service and major place in Dhaka.

Airport Lashbahi ambulance

Why Freezing ambulance ?

Our Freezer ambulance service used to move a dead body from a place to another place.This Ambulance used is the best way of other ways to keep well. If used freezing ambulance so that there is no smell from the dead body. Freezing ambulance anybody can freeze the dead body according to his wishes. We Provide freezing Ambulance in any district from Dhaka to move a dead body. In fact We Always take the lowest rate to move the dead bodies. Our service will be available in hortal, Political blocks, and other disasters. There is a capability to sit between 1 and 2 people with the dead body, as well as a helper and driver.

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